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Modernist Studies Association Conference in Brighton

I am very pleased to go to Brighton in late August to participate in a seminar on Modernism as Pedagogy at the Modernist Studies Association conference.


As MSA members, we are all aware of the effect of pedagogy on modernism (canons, New Modernist Studies). But can we see modernism itself as a kind of pedagogy? How did the experience of teaching / having works taught affect modernists’ imaginations? Are works interventions in the feedback loops between reputation and the academy (performance works which resist close reading, for instance)? Conversely, can we think about modernist pedagogies; institutions or ideas which embed modernist aesthetics into teaching, intentionally or not (Montessori, progressive education, Bauhaus, the AntiUniversity)? This seminar aims to stimulate thought and further collaboration, with eventual published results.

List of participants:

Rebecca Beasley (University of Oxford)
Angus Brown (University of Oxford)
Richard Cole (University of Alberta)
Lise Jaillant (School of Advanced Study)
Lauren Kozol (Hofstra University)
Anouk Lang (University of Strathclyde)
Serena Le (University of California, Berkeley)
Alex Ling (University of Western Sydney)
Elizabeth Micakovic (University of Exeter)
Benjamin Poore (Queen Mary, University of London)
Kate Stanley (Western University)
Robert Volpicelli (The Pennsylvania State University)
Kelly Walsh (Yonsei University)

Organiser: Peter Howarth (Queen Mary, University of London)